Sunday, March 15, 2009

BAby Pool GARden

So easy, I did it all myself!
Step 1: Find old baby wading pool
Step 2: Poke hole in bottom... I used a pick ax.
Step 3: Go to Home Depot, buy 2 bags soil, and one bag steer manure blend.
Step 4: Mix the bags in the pool.
Step 5: Arrange the plants around the pool, still in the pots.
I planted peppers. I left more room around the green bell peppers and planted the smaller peppers closer together.
Step 6: Take the pots off and put the plants in the soil mixture.
Step 7: If you have critters, protect it with wire.
Step 8: Find someone to water it for you, if you are like me and forget about it. (thanks T!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Site Progress

Please be advised that this is a site in progress.... I am hoping to post a planting guide in the next few days.


These are the first families that I have contacted to help me in my gardening quest. I was overwhelmed with how eager they were to help me. They have flooded me with information and hope to pass it all on to you. (in the photo lft-rt...Matt Jarrett, Kerrie & Terry Baxter, Chris & David Olson, Terry & Lynda Lee, Casey Ashdown)

In the beginning....

This is not the very beginning.... Casey Ashdown has down a lot of preparation to get to this point. Casey borrowed a tiller from the Jarrett's and prepared this soil for planting. Gorgeous Casey!!!